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Soft Tissue Therapy in Miranda

Soft Tissue TherapyDr Julie Middleton (Chiropractor) uses soft tissue therapy as part of the standard chiropractic care she offers. She has 20 years of experience providing this therapy to her patients. Our chiropractor is passionate about providing attentive, premium care to her patients. “I’m going to give each patient absolutely everything that I can to make it the best experience possible,” she said.

What Are the Soft Tissues?

Soft tissues are various types of cells that surround and support your organs and skeletal system. This therapy is in most cases, deep tissue massage that is part of a chiropractic session. It’s a type of massage that addresses a specific area.

Benefits of Soft Tissue Therapy

This modality can help to

  • Relax tense muscles
  • Reduce scar tissue
  • Stretch fascia
  • Lengthen fascia


Is soft tissue therapy painful?

You may feel some discomfort, but most people consider it to be a “good pain” because they can feel that it’s beneficial.

Will you provide soft tissue as part of my chiropractic appointment?

Yes, Dr Julie (Chiropractor) uses soft tissue therapy as part of all of her consultations. Soft tissue therapy helps a chiropractic adjustment hold better.

What’s the difference between a regular massage and soft tissue therapy?

Soft tissue therapy is geared towards treating a specific problem. For example, if someone comes in with a bad neck, we focus on the neck.

What should I wear to the appointment?

You should wear loose and comfortable clothing so our chiropractor can easily access areas that need to be addressed.

Why don’t many chiropractors offer soft tissue therapy?

Providing the therapy is hard on the hands, shoulders and elbows. So if a chiropractor doesn’t do it, they will need to employ someone else.

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