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Kinesiology in Miranda

Knee PainKinesiology was a diagnostic system that was developed by a chiropractor for chiropractors. This system involves muscle testing, which, in turn, refers to different nerve root levels. So depending on which muscle you test, it will guide you back to a particular level in your spine.

As a Diagnostic System

Dr Julie Middleton (Chiropractor) uses kinesiology as a way to perform a diagnosis. If, after she’s performed different examinations and hasn’t arrived at a diagnosis, she will use kinesiology as it helps to pinpoint the problem. Kinesiology refers you back to a particular nerve. By knowing where that nerve comes from, you can then work backwards. For example, a person could have knee pain that refers back to a sore spot in the back. Our chiropractor then uses acupuncture or laser therapy until a patient gets over this initial acute phase.

If a patient comes in and they were in such bad pain, I can’t move them -I’ve been able to use to some degree kinesiology to guide me to what I need, like what segment I need to treat.
Dr Julie Middleton (Chiropractor)

How Kinesiology Differs From Conventional Medicine

In most instances, somebody comes into a doctor’s office with knee pain. The physician will look at the knee, take X-rays and take different approaches. “No one is going to have a look at their spine and say, ‘can this pain come from somewhere else?” said Dr Julie (Chiropractor). Kinesiology is exceptionally good at uncovering a problem or determining if there’s something else that needs to be fixed to make it go away. It will tell you a) where the problem is and then b) knowing where the problem is, you can do more muscle testing. Kinesiology, which tests muscle strength, will tell you what you need to do to fix it.

What a Patient May Expect

Our chiropractor will use a strong muscle for testing. She may find a strong muscle in the arm that will tell her if it’s a problem or not. Then, Dr Julie (Chiropractor) will touch different spots on the knee and muscle test the arm until she finds something that fails. The second the muscle goes weak, it tells our chiropractor that there’s a problem in the connection here.

Initially, I might touch the knee and everything I get is strong. But the second I try to pinpoint an area, such as the left hip, and it goes weak, I have to examine what is it in the hip or around the hip that makes this knee hurt.
Dr Julie Middleton (Chiropractor)

So there’s something mechanical that she needs to fix in the hip to make the knee pain go away. The knee pain is just a symptom.


How many sessions will I need?

Typically, you will receive one or two treatments. People either will get better or worse. Both responses let our chiropractor know that something’s responding. Even if it’s responding for the worst, it’s still responding. The worst response is nothing. It means that you’re barking up the wrong tree in the wrong area because nothing’s responding.

Is kinesiology commonly used?

Yes, it’s quite widely used by chiropractors. Some do nothing but kinesiology. Our chiropractor relies a lot on palpation and range of movement in addition to kinesiology.

What kind of training did you receive in kinesiology?

Dr Julie (Chiropractor) has over 15 years of experience using kinesiology. To become qualified to provide the service to her patients, she took quite an extensive course that lasted over a year. She took 10 sessions (one per weekend) to complete training. One has to be a chiropractor, medical doctor, physiotherapist or other type of highly educated practitioner to be eligible for kinesiology training.

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