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Acupuncture in Miranda

AcupunctureAs an ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to address pain and various conditions. This drug-free form of healthcare is used by Dr Julie Middleton (Chiropractor) to mainly relieve musculoskeletal-related pain.

How Does It Work?

Generally speaking, the theory of acupuncture is based on the notion that there is Qi, which flows through the body and is vitalfor our health. A disturbance of this flow is believed to be responsible for a myriad of diseases. Acupuncture can adjust the imbalances of this flow at acupuncture points to address various conditions.

It’s also thought that acupuncture promotes the release of endorphins, your body’s “feel- good” chemicals, which alleviates pain.

Conditions That Acupuncture May Help

  • Headaches
  • Knee problems
  • Lower back problems
  • Muscle spasms
  • Shoulder problems
  • TMJ pain

Acupuncture also is incredibly effective in promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

What About the Needles?

Perhaps you’ve wanted to try acupuncture but are concerned about the needles that are used. It’s important to note that the needles are ultrathin and tiny. They are nothing like a hypodermic needle. Most people don’t feel anything.

If you still would like to try acupuncture but don’t want any needles used, Dr. Julie (Chiropractor) can use laser therapy to stimulate the acupuncture points.


Will I experience results straightaway?

It depends on the individual. In some instances, acupuncture will work instantaneously. For other people, it may take several treatments to experience the full benefits of it. Everyone responds differently.

Does insurance cover acupuncture?

Yes, acupuncture is normally billed as an extended consultation as our chiropractor performs it in conjunction with chiropractic.

Will I be undressed?

We have gowns that you can change into depending on what area of the body we’re treating.

Will I have a separate appointment for acupuncture?

No, you will have a standard adjustment visit followed by acupuncture. Both modalities will be provided in an extended appointment. You will be charged for a long consultation.

What kind of training did you receive?

Dr Julie (Chiropractor) received 220 hours of musculoskeletal acupuncture training spread over a year and a half.

How is dry needling different?

With dry needling, you insert needles into painful parts of the muscle to relieve muscle spasms. Acupuncture uses the meridian system, which are mapped points in the acupuncture system. With dry needling, a needle is placed in a tight spot in the muscle, whereas acupuncture uses a set of mapped points.

The training required to perform dry needling isn’t as extensive as what is needed with acupuncture. According to our chiropractoryou can either do a dry needing course online or take a weekend course on Friday and Saturday. Sometimes the training can be completed in just one day.

Combining Acupuncture With Chiropractic

Dr Julie (Chiropractor) typically combines acupuncture with chiropractic adjustments including soft tissue work. The therapies work well on their own but exceptionally well together. She is one of few area practitioners who combines acupuncture with chiropractic.

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